The Society arranges monthly meetings with talks on various themes in Egyptology. The meetings are usually held on Tuesdays at 6.15 pm in Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6). Please be informed that most of the talks are given in Finnish unless otherwise noted. The topic of the talk in English in parentheses.

The meetings are free and open to everyone. Welcome!

N.b. The House of Sciences has limited the number of people that can fit in the lecture halls during the covid19 pandemic. Lecture hall 104 can only accommodate 36 persons. Naturally, the Society observes the rules set by the House in its meetings.

Upcoming talks

24.11.2020, hall 104 Virpi Perunka’s talk has been cancelled. The society will convene as planned and a replacement talk will be announced later.
26.1.2021, hall 104 Doc., Dr. Melanie Wasmuth Egyptians outside Egypt

Past talks

27.10.2020, hall 104 FT Marja Vierros Monikielinen Egypti: Kreikan asema ja kehitys egyptin ja muiden kielten rinnalla (Multilingual Egypt: the status and development of Greek parallel to Egyptian and other languages)Marja’s talk was streamed:

22.9.2020, hall 104 FM Mia Meri Egyptin loisto – tuleva näyttely AmosRexissä (The Glory of Egypt – the upcoming exhibition at the Museum AmosRex)
This talk was also streamed:

25.2.2020, hall 505, MA, BA Hanna Sola: Iu ja miu – egyptiläiset ja heidän lemmikkinsä (Iu and miu – the Egyptians and their pets)

28.1.2020, hall 505, FD Sofia Häggman (Medelhavsmuseet): Om folkmediciner i Egypten (About folkmedicine in Egypt; the talk will be given in Swedish)

26.11.2019, hall 104, PhD, doc. Sami Uljas, MA Mia Rikala: Terveiset Kairon egyptologikongressista (Uljas) ja seuran Egyptin-matkalta (Rikala) (Greetings from the Egyptology congress in Cairo, and from the Society’s trip to Egypt)

22.10.2019, hall 505, MA, BA Hanna Sola: Höyrylaivalla ylös Niiliä: matkailu Egyptissä 1800-luvun lopulla (With steamboat up the Nile: Travelling in Egypt at the end of the 19th century)

24.9.2019, hall 505, Phil.D Erja Salmenkivi: Papyrusten aika (The time of papyri)

23.4.2019, hall. 505, Phil.D, doc. Marja-Leena Hänninen:
Isis ja muut egyptiläiset jumalat varhaisella roomalaisajalla Ostiassa
(Isis and other Egyptian gods during early Roman period in Ostia)

23.3.2019 Annual meeting and feast, 6 pm in Restaurant Perho’s cabinet
Phil.D Erja Salmenkivi: 50 vuotta seuran syntysanojen lausumisesta Kheopsin pyramidin juurella.
(Review of the past 50 years of the FES’ activities)

26.2.2019, hall 505, Phil.D Heidi Jauhiainen:
”Enkö enää kuulu niihin joille järjestät juhlan?” Juhlista Deir el-Medinassa.
(On feasts at Deir el-Medina)

22.1.2019, hall 104, MA Mia Meri: Muinaisen Egyptin haudanryöstäjät (The tomb-robbers of ancient Egypt)

Past talks

We have aimed to record and share all our talks since September 2015 on our very own YouTube channel.